Words And Pixels Go Better Together – Workshop by Rachel and Travis Gertz

May 7, 2016 | 0 comments

Rachel Gertz is a content strategist and systems design consultant for freelancers and creative teams through Louder Than Ten. Travis Gertz is both a designer and partner at Louder Than Ten.   They say: “There is a big disconnect between design and content development on the web. The technology and the organizations powered by it have built silos around the roles in our industry… especially around design and writing. We want to break those barriers and improve collaboration on our teams in pursuit of a more expressive and diverse digital culture.”   About the workshop: “We’re going to take you through a hands-on design and content approach that bites its thumb at boring trends without compromising the effectiveness of your UIs. Learn the business case behind flexible content and design systems that you won’t need to sell to your clients. We’ll partner up and play the roles of writer and designer, break out the pencils, and source, gather, position, and improve your content.”  
Available: for soap! 2016 participants only
Language: English
Length: 4 hours Time: Wed., June 1, 2016 Venue: Krakow Technology Park | Podole 60 | 30-394 Krakow    This workshop is a part of Content Education Summit. Registration starts on May 8, 2016! Learn more at http://soapconf.com/edu-summit/.


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