Jarża Translations – Localization, Translation, and Transcreation

May 10, 2016 | 0 comments

If you ever wondered what happens to the content you produce when it is translated into other languages, don’t forget to chat with our next sponsor during soap! 2016.   Founded in 2000, Ryszard Jarża Translations provides localization, translation and transcreation services directly to top global players in the IT, life sciences and consumer electronics industries. We focus exclusively on the Polish language and we believe that quality measured by translation companies’ standards is a prerequisite, but does not suffice. Ask yourself: is the text just well translated, or is it really useful?   We strive for truly useful translations and effective marketing messages by working very closely with clients’ experts and copywriters towards common goals. That’s why this year’s soap! theme, “there is no we vs. they”, resonates so well with us.   Learn more about Ryszard Jarża Translations at http://jarza.pl.   Thank you for supporting soap!


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