Endless Odyssey: Far beyond Customer Service by Magdalena Olszewska, UXPin

May 21, 2016 | 0 comments

Almost her whole life, Magdalena is associated with customer support. Currently, she is a Customer Relations Specialist at UXPin. She is responsible for content-related tasks on the CS side, developing a knowledge base, managing community platform, guiding users through product tasks, and serving as the customer voice for product and marketing decisions.
Magdalena says:

“You can approach Customer Service in different ways. I believe that communication is key to success and it should be done in a friendly, relaxed manner. Our users/customers are not our enemies! They’re really cool, smart people who have lots to say.”
About the talk:

“Everyone knows what Customer Support is, right? Answering phones, million of emails per day, deep depression… Well, not necessarily! We’re not hateful robots. Let us be creative and we’ll show you how much we can contribute to the product development process and make our users happier.”

Welcome Magdalena!
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