Translating in the World of Content by Vyacheslav Guzovsky

May 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Vyacheslav is an independent translator and interpreter, language trainer and technical writer, regular contributor to the translation community. He used to work for different industries with several technical niche specialisms. Vyacheslav is a fully qualified professional linguist with language degree in translation.
About the talk:

“One of the biggest challenges for content creation teams today is that the translation as part of the process tends to be pushed to the very end of the product cycle and, if deadlines are not met, can have an adverse impact on the total cost of product marketing campaign due to delayed releases. My point is that translation of content is usually separated from the desktop publishing and engineering functions, and performed by different teams. Because of this separation, good project management is absolutely critical to ensure that each functional group understands how its work affects the other team members in real world. This presentation will enable translators, content creators, technical writers and project managers to identify ways to integrate documentation and translation processes, improve quality, reduce costs and time to market. It will help the clients to prioritize their information with translation in mind.”

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