How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Glossary by Wojciech Baranowski & Daniel Barrio Fierro, Dolby Laboratories

May 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Daniel and Wojciech are both members of Dolby Laboratories, where they act as technical writers and proud DITA nerds. Daniel is an English/Sociology/Computing graduate who cut his content teeth in Google, and has further worked for Volvo and Nokia. Wojciech is an Electronics and Telecommunications graduate with an engineering and writing career background at places like IBM and Nokia.
About the talk:

“Term management offers an attractive use case in which a small investment in technical expertise can make a major impact. Wouldn’t it be great if glossaries and term bases could be built in parallel to content creation? Turns out that standard DITA mechanisms enable a workflow that enables almost any team to mark and manage term candidates from the earliest draft stages. The solution manages terms independently from any CMS or term bank/database existing alongside the authoring stack. Add to that the possibility to automatically generate lists of terms and/or abbreviations in use within a group of deliverables, and a mechanism to give feedback on markup usage to novice writers, and you and your team will soon be set to fall in love with the glossary.”

Welcome Wojciech and Daniel!
See when Wojciech and Danie are presenting here.


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