Call for Speakers and Workshops – soap! 2017

Sep 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Hello everyone! After great holidays and a little bit of rest we are back and on track with preparations for soap! 2017. This year we decided to start call for speakers and workshops much earlier. This is why…    

Call for speakers and workshops is now open!

The soap! 2017 theme is problem solving, so, if you have ever solved a problem, been part of a team that solved one, struggled with a problem but never really solved it, or seen a problem emerging on the horizon and still see it coming, give yourself a chance and tell us about it.   Those of you who want to deliver a workshop for soapers do not need to stick to the theme, it’s primarily for our speakers. However, we believe that if you teach somebody do something, to a large extent you tell them how to solve a problem. So all in all your workshop will stick to the theme anyway 🙂   You can apply now at We are waiting for your applications till January 30th, 2017. If you need any help, contact Piotr, our Speakers Coordinator, at


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