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Content Edu Summit is a pre-conference day filled with phenomenal workshops you will not have a chance to experience anywhere else! Our trainers are practitioners from all over the world. It is very important for us not only to give you access to extraordinary lectures and discussions but also to provide you with practical knowledge and skills that will help you grow your professional and personal portfolio.

When & Where?

Workshops will take place on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at Hub:raum by Przemysłowa Street 12. 30-701 Krakow. You need to register separately for Content Edu Summit.

Who can attend?

Registration is open for the participants of soap! 2017 only. The number of seats for each workshop is limited. Ticket price: EUR 10 for each workshop. Exception: there is one free workshop. When booking your seats, make sure your workshops do not overlap!


When booking your seats, make sure your workshops do not overlap!

Create DITA without even knowing it (free)
▨ Matthias Kraus
CEO, Xeditor, Germany
▨ 60 min
One of the main hurdles with DITA adoption is the time, expense, and emotional fortitude required to rollout a new technology. DITA is a robust markup language that allows for some pretty cool stuff, but it doesn’t mean that Jeff in Engineering needs to learn it in order to contribute to the team. In this Test Kitchen, we will look at the ways in which Xeditor allows your team to create DITA without even knowing it.
The Secret Lives of Structured Content (EUR 10)
▨ Rahel Anne Bailie
Chief Knowledge Officer, Scroll LLP, United Kingdom
▨ 180 min
Structured content is powerful. Structure lets content perform at optimal levels, delivering from multiple content sources, to multiple audiences, into multiple channels, through multiple interfaces, and often with more complexity. As we’re challenged to meet the needs of more market segments with personalised content in an increasing number of contexts, it’s critical to understand how much structure to apply, and how to make that structure stand up under the stresses of complexity and scale. This workshop will cover the processes for structuring content, and demonstrate the benefits that accrue as the sturdiness of the structures increase.
Setting up Your own Docu Portal (EUR 10)
▨ Łukasz Górnicki
Product Owner, SAP Hybris, Poland
▨ 90 min
This workshop is about setting up a docu portal locally and hosting it with GitHub Pages, all based on our open source tooling (covers docu portal template and tooling for distributed docu sources approach).
The Power of Automation with DITA
▨ Patrick Bosek
Co-founder & Director of Customer Success, easyDITA, US
▨ 60 min
Automation has broad impacts on our ability to increase the value we deliver, through increased output and improved quality. This lecture based workshop will focus on the potential for automation created by a DITA implementation and the right set of tools. We’ll start with a brief overview of the types of things that can be automated using DITA based tools. Then, as an example, we’ll use an automated process to convert exported release notes to DITA content.
Design thinking life-raft – A problem-solving toolkit for everyday life (EUR 10)
▨ Gosia Pytel
Design Thinking Coach & Event Organizer, Flik, Poland
▨ 7 hours
This workshop will focus on providing a wide smorgasbord of tools, methods and techniques widely used in various methodologies for creative and human-centered problem solving. Following the steps of design thinking and heavily drawing from its exercises, this hands-on training will equip anyone interested with a process that helped designers change people’s lives around the world. Find out what they did, how they did it and how YOU can do it in your life!
The joy of coding slides (EUR 10)
▨ Daniel Barrio Fierro
Information Architect, Dolby Laboratories, Poland
▨ 180 min
Problem A: many content people interact with developers, but they feel intimidated by coding tools and vocabulary.
Problem B: we all give and consume presentations, but a lot of those presentations are less than good. Is there a way to make both of those things better? All you need is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind. This workshop will show you how to code better presentations with reveal.js, providing you with a great sandbox to experiment and learn with basic coding skills and enabling you to create slide decks that will impress your audiences. No prior coding experience required!
UX narrative. A non-obvious way to design informative interfaces without the need to sketch (EUR 10)
▨ Wojciech Aleksander
Product Content Strategist, GetResponse, Poland
▨ 180 min

Is the design a dialogue with the user? Some say it is, but do you? Conversation is our nature, but somehow when designers translate business needs into screens it’s all about components, boxes and buttons. What about the message? Lost in creation? Left out for the customer support? No! Let’s put it back to where it belongs.

In this fun, interactive workshop you’ll learn how to:
* See software screens as a dialogue
* Narrate in the UI rather than describe buttons
* Design with words and without drawing
* Design interactions and UI text at the same time
* See the analogies between the real and digital worlds

Who should attend:
If you’re a UX writer, UX designer, product owner or a copywriter – come and practice. If you’re experienced or a newbie there’s always time to try narrative techniques in UI design. If you still design or advocate for “lorem ipsum” in the wireframes come and be healed.

Structured Authoring with DITA 101 (free)
▨ Stefan Gentz
Worldwide TechComm Evangelist, Adobe Systems GmbH, Germany
▨ 60 min
In this one-hour workshop, Stefan Gentz, Adobe Worldwide TechComm Evangelist, will introduce you to the concept of structured content authoring based on DITA. You will learn how to create your first topics, migrate unstructured content from Microsoft Word to DITA, author new content, manage media, create dynamic content filters and publish your content to PDF and Responsive HTML5.


Hub:raum, the incubator of Deutsche Telekom, offers various programs and formats that aim to create business opportunities between the startup eco-system and Deutsche Telekom. In addition hub:raum selectively invests in early-stage startups that have a strategic fit to Deutsche Telekom’s business and innovation priorities.

How to get to Hub:raum?

Taxi: Ask the driver to take you to Przemysłowa Street, building number 12, top floor
Trams & buses: Use lines 3, 9, 24, 49, 69, 669.

We highly recommend to use the portal to move around the city. It’s available in PL and EN. Just type in the start and end addresses and let the portal do the magic for you!

TIP: If you do not like climbing stairs, you can use the elevator. It’s an industrial elevator that must be operated by a trained operator! Believe us, it’s worth it!