Kristina Mausser

Kina’ole, Canada

Talk abstract:
Content creators know how to harness the power of empathy to enliven storytelling, increase engagement, and inspire conversations. We are even carefully attuned to choosing language that establishes connection and communicates understanding of the commonalities of experience that we share with our audiences. But empathy can only get us so far in the corporate realm of buy-in and budgets. Sometimes problem-solving when working with multi-disciplinary teams needs more than just a whole-hearted attempt to understand each other and our feelings. In a world where the lines between channels and disciplines are increasingly blurred, and teams from diverse backgrounds must work together to create seamless content experiences, veteran content strategist Kristina Mausser shares ways in which we can move beyond empathy towards something much more powerful, and much more effective for the content that we create and the global audiences that it serves.

President and Senior Content Strategy Consultant, Kina’ole, Canada

Kristina Mausser, is the president of Kina’ole Inc and a senior content strategy consultant. A veteran of the web industry, her international portfolio includes work with some of today’s leading organizations including Sephora, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Ford Foundation, and the Cannes-award winning agency, The Barbarian Group. Kris regularly speaks at conferences around the world and is excited to be returning to Europe this summer to present at soap!