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soap! conference

1-3 June 2022 | Kraków | Poland

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post-pandemic reflections

It’s ironic that at soap! 2020, which did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to talk about the future of content. The Cyberpunk-related theme was to help us think about the future and introduce a bit of fun. Few people, with the exception of epidemiologists (and Bill Gates 😃), expected a pandemic. Yet here we are. And the future really is now. Were we – technical publications professionals and our organizations – ready for it? Are we smarter today? How did COVID affect our work, and the tools, processes and procedures we use? Let’s meet and discuss it among friends and fellow professionals in the exceptional and very much missed (we definitely hope so!) soap! atmosphere! ✨

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speakers & trainers

Shumin Chen

Head of STE Training & Implementation at Shufrans TechDocs, Singapore

Anu Granroth

Senior Project Manager at Etteplan, Finland

Lance Cummings

Professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA

CJ Walker

Director at Firehead SAS, France

Kasia Lelonek

Senior Lead Instructional Designer at Akamai Technologies, Poland

Ray Gallon

President at The Transformation Society, France

Basia Kardel-Piątkowska

Documentation Specialist, Etteplan, Poland

Naomi Papoushado

Galactic Viceroy of Content Excellence at Gong, Israel

Gosia Pytel

Freelance UX Researcher & e-learning professional, Poland

Tomek Nowicki

Technical Enablement Architect at Akamai Technologies, Poland

Paweł Kowaluk

Board member at ITCQF, Poland

Michał Skowron

Board member at ITCQF, Poland

Rahel Anne Bailie

Content Operations Consultant at Content, Seriously Consulting Ltd, UK

Rafał Pawlicki

IT Documentation Manager at Ringier Axel Springer TECH, Poland

Łukasz Górnicki

Developer Relations Manager at Postman

Olga Podsiadło

Learning Specialist at Manggha Museum of Art and Technology

Jadzia Sitnicka

Freelance technical writer & mentor in tech docs, Hungary

Agnieszka Zygmunt

Lead Senior UX Researcher at 10Clouds, Poland

Chris Ward

Technical tech writer, video maker, podcaster, and blogger, Germany

Charlotte Claussen

Content Design Consultant at Cogniwo, UK

Darren Fennessy

Technical Writer, Red Hat, Ireland

Lluís Cavallé

Senior Technical Writer, Red Hat, Ireland

Anna Yatskiv

Technical Communicator at SoftServe, Ukraine

Jacek Ławrecki

Head of Communications at Fortum, Poland
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*Michał Skowron, Speaker

What is soap!? It’s the best content conference! Seriously though, we are all about content. And what is content for us? Content is all information and experience related to a product. This includes, technical documentation, learning materials, video and graphics, UI and UX. And that’s what we want to talk about at soap!
soap! is like this family gathering you always dream of, but rarely have with your relatives. Everyone is your cousin, but you’re actually happy to see them, get a toast with them, and have fun! Always a pleasure to be there.

Anonymous Attendee, soap! 2019

Join us for a journey in 2022 and discover the new, post-pandemic reality of techcomm. See how people who shape the techcomm industry respond to the changes this new world has brought us.

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meet our

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workshops & conference venue

Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Europe

Located at the bank of the Vistula River right opposite the Wawel Royal Castle, Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology is a truly exceptional place. It combines the functions of a traditional museum (with its exhibitions and collections) with those of an active cultural center. It’s a fusion of modern technology and traditions of the Far East. 

soap! - the best content conference
soap! - the best content conference
soap! - the best content conference
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Content gains more and more importance across various businesses. More often than ever, organizations realize that, yes, a product itself is important, but content related to it, is too. Product-related-content has become an asset used to sell products and maintain customer relations and experience. But content, be it technical documentation, learning materials, graphics, or UI and UX elements, doesn’t exist in the void. Numerous tools and services are needed to create and maintain content. Join soap! to help our wonderful crowd see how you can help them get ready for whatever the future holds. We will be happy to help you.

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To talk about visual design and advantages of one font over another, drop a line to Karolina. For any Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn related questions, get in touch with Iga. If you’d like to sponsor soap! or become our partner and help the community grow, write to Aga. If you are interested in speaking or training at soap!, Piotr is the guy you want to contact. If you would like to get to know the head of soap!, contact Gosia.