Learn from industry leaders

soap! partners are very special. Not only do they help us create an amazing, thriving community of content professionals by supporting the conference, they are dedicated to contributing to this community daily.

We’d like to help you benefit from their work, and so we’ve prepared a bunch of information about what you can learn from our main sponsor, easyDITA by Jorsek LLC. The people behind easyDITA want to change the way the techcomm community is perceived in the IT industry by showing how good content — such as technical documentation, training materials, support content, etc. — is the foundation of a strong organization.

Briefly about easyDITA

If you’re not familiar with easyDITA, here’s the gist about the tool and the team that creates it.

easyDITA is everything you need to successfully create, manage, and publish structured content. It’s cloud-based and working with it very much resembles working in Google Docs. And like Google Docs, easyDITA also includes simultaneous collaboration on files without file locking. Simultaneous collaboration on DITA content is pretty awesome, and easyDITA is the first and only XML CCMS that offers it!



What can you learn from them

By creating resources and supporting education projects, easyDITA makes ideas accessible to everyone, including you.

Staying up-to-date with content-related trends and nuances worth discovering on the net can be demanding and time-consuming. Jorsek helps by selecting, partnering with, and contributing to numerous initiatives that bring significant value to the ever-changing techcomm business.


Here’s a short list of online resources you may find very useful:

  • LearningDITA.com – Jorsek is a proud sponsor and (more importantly) a contributor to the course. Learningdita.com surely can be dubbed one of the best sites for beginners that want to get their hands dirty with DITA.
  • Quickinars with the Content Wrangler – A new way to talk about content. Jorsek takes part in a series of short, educational tutorials that provide big-picture answers to questions like “What is Structured Content?”, “What is a CCMS?”, and “What is a Single Source of Truth?”
  • DITA Basic Webinars – In association with the Society of Technical Communications, Jorsek has recently launched a series of webinars to look at DITA from the fundamental questions of “What is DITA?” and “Is DITA Right for Me?”
  • DITA Best Practices Blog – a place where Jorsek’s content experts and enthusiasts write down their musings on best practices and tips for writers.
  • Cost of Maintenance Calculator – a tool that will help you answer the “What’s the ROI?” question. Jorsek provides tools and calculators to demonstrate the economic advantage of switching to structured content. 


As we mentioned, Jorsek offers not just the tools, but also knowledge to help spread great ideas and enable collaboration with people outside of the documentation department.

If you’re looking at the next steps for content in your organization, consider easyDITA to help elevate the skills and work of your writers, and to make their work better visible and relevant in the whole organization. You may also consider making it possible for non-writers, for example subject matter experts, to truly contribute to your content. This and much more is possible with the easyDITA software.

We hope you’ll find these resources handy. For us, it’s an honor to be supported by a partner like Jorsek, an organization that’s focused on empowering content teams and modernizing entire organizations.