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workshops schedule

June 1 | Manggha

9:00 - 11:00 | Lance Cummings
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Content Developers

Summary: This 2 hour  workshop will focus on using rhetoric to engineer prompts for ChatGPT to improve ContentOps practices. Attendees will learn how to craft effective prompts that will improve their content development workflows. The workshop will use rhetoric to break down prompt engineering into an easy to use process. Through interactive exercises and discussions, attendees will practice designing prompts that are optimized for ChatGPT and  drive better ContentOps outcomes.

Bio: I write and teach about the right use of ancient and new technologies to create new ways of thinking … what I call iSophistry. I focus on helping people integrate AI technologies into their writing and creating processes in innovative and effective ways.

11:30 - 1:30 | Anu Granroth & Maaret Henriksson
What does a swimlane have to do with content ops?


The purpose of the workshop is to create an understanding among the participants how a company content ops can progress from one maturity level to another and what does it take; what are the needed actions, roles & responsibilities, and possible timeframes.

The participants will work on 2 different cases. The cases are based on real customer cases.

When we go through the workshop results, we compare the different cases: what are the similarities and where are the major differences?


  • To learn about the maturity models and their practical implementations
  • To learn about process development: how to do it in an organized way and what are the things you need to take into account
  • To learn about numerical evaluation of content ops
  • To share best practices by the participants on how to organize content ops

Anu Granroth: Anu is Senior Project Manager at Etteplan Finland Oy. Recently, she has been working for a customer company as an information designer and technical writer learning a great deal about working in agile SW development. She is interested in developing processes and improving content quality. 

Maaret Henriksson: Maaret works as Head of Professional Services at Etteplan Global. More than 20 years she has been leading global tech comms teams in content operations. She has also managed various development programs focusing on building business cases, creating strategies, managing change, and developing processes. 

2:00 - 4:00 | Anna Yatskiv
Treat API documentation with respect - and it will pay off

Summary: API documentation matters. API documentation is needed. API documentation is a Queen in a fast-developing technological world… Wait, what? 

Join me at this workshop to better understand the API documentation processes and how we can improve them. This workshop is for middle and advanced levels.

Bio: Anna loves API and streamlining processes by making the projects more productive and long-term. With more than 11 years in the domain, Anna has successfully helped a few projects to improve the way the technical API documentation is treated and streamline the documentation maintenance, review, and creation processes.