soap! 2022 | the best content conference

1-3 June 2022, Kraków, Poland

Coronavirus update: the conference is moved to 1-3 June, 2022. Read more.


content 2077.

the future is now.

Fast forward to 2077. Flying cars, immortality, space exploration… Who knows what the future holds? In a world ruled by artificial intelligence, will there still be a place for content creators, as we know them today? Probably not. How will our profession evolve? Or maybe only a REvolution will save us from being replaced by robots?

 What if in 50 years or so, we’ll have new media to learn from? Instead of reading and underlining, it could be that we’ll internalize information with gestures or interaction. For sure, visuals will play a central role in product-related content. What about UI and UX? How should we design them for the new generation of users? How will we deliver? Still different screen sizes? Or no screens at all?

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 Ask yourself these questions. Aren’t you stuck in the past? Just tired of the information silo, day-dreaming about teams and organizations sharing information, goals, tools and priorities? What’s future-ready for you? Does future start now?

 Do you think about that on a daily basis? We bet not. Luckily, we have an awesome excuse for you to stop for a moment and imagine a world of content in 2077. Let’s paint a picture of the future, together. Will it be utopia or dystopia? 😉


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*Michał Skowron, Speaker

What is soap!? It’s the best content conference! Seriously though, we are all about content. And what is content for us? Content is all information and experience related to a product. This includes, technical documentation, learning materials, video and graphics, UI and UX. And that’s what we want to talk about at soap!

soap! is like this family gathering you always dream of, but rarely have with your relatives. Everyone is your cousin, but you’re actually happy to see them, get a toast with them, and have fun! Always a pleasure to be there.

Anonymous Attendee, soap! 2019

Join us for a journey in 2022 and discover what the world can look like in 50 years. See how people that shape the techcomm industry prepare themselves for the future of our profession.

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Talk to like-minded people crazy about the future of technical content, UX, design, learning, and translation. Do you have an idea that seemed quite crazy at the beginning but you turned it into a great solution and got a pat on the back from your boss? Or even better – a spectacular fuck-up that taught you a lesson and you want to warn us before we do likewise? Our audience is really lovely, so we bet your talk gets tons of questions and sparks lively discussions in the lobby.

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Provide soapers with a masterclass on a topic you are nerdy about and get your hands dirty with real-life examples. Identify a problem or an objective, shower attendees with cases and illustrations and show them how to do stuff! It’s a win win situation – you’ll raise awareness in your favourite field, popularize it and get motivated by others’ energy. And our attendees? We bet they’ll be thrilled to pick up new skills, hear about trends in the industry and discover new approaches. And everyone’s happy!

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Content gains more and more importance across various businesses. More often than ever, organizations realize that, yes, a product itself is important, but content related to it, is too. Product-related-content has become an asset used to sell products and maintain customer relations and experience. But content, be it technical documentation, learning materials, graphics, or UI and UX elements, doesn’t exist in the void. Numerous tools and services are needed to create and maintain content. Join soap! to help our wonderful crowd see how you can help them get ready for whatever the future holds. We will be happy to help you.

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To talk about visual design and advantages of one font over another, drop a line to Karolina. For any Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn related questions, get in touch with Iga. If you’d like to sponsor soap! or become our partner and help the community grow, write to Aga. If you are interested in speaking or training at soap!, Piotr is the guy you want to contact. If you would like to get to know the head of soap!, contact Gosia.